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Missouri On The Fly: Premier Fishing and Nature Adventures Experience the thrill of fly fishing and the serenity of nature with Missouri On The Fly, a veteran-owned and operated adventure service. We specialize in immersive fishing trips and educational classes, combining expertise with passion to create unforgettable outdoor experiences.


Guided Fishing Adventures: Choose from full-day trips aboard our Clacka Craft drift boat or the versatile Fly Craft Raft, priced at $375. Half-day wading trips are available for $275, conditions permitting. We target trout, smallmouth, and white bass, primarily in the spring. Our adventures cover the picturesque Current, Meramec, Big River, and Saint Francis rivers. Comprehensive Equipment: All trips include top-of-the-line equipment, featuring Sage rods, handcrafted flies, and safety gear. We ensure you have everything needed for a successful day on the water. Expert Instruction: We offer individual and group classes in fly fishing and fly tying, sharing techniques and tips honed through years of experience. Our pro deals with Patagonia and Fishpond ensure you learn with the best gear in the industry. Special Programs for Veterans: In appreciation of their service, we offer free fly tying and fly fishing lessons to veterans, fostering a sense of community and connection to nature. Safety First: Our water and fishing safety classes are designed to equip adventurers of all levels with the knowledge to enjoy the rivers responsibly. Licensed and Insured: We are fully licensed and insured for guiding services in the National Park service areas, including the Current river. Through a contract with the James Foundation, we also guide on the Meramec River for trout fishing, starting from Meramec Springs Park. Beyond the River:

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Our founder, an avid outdoor writer, contributes to The Daily Journal, Farmington Press, and Adventure Sports Outdoor Magazine. He also hosts the bi-monthly 'Missouri on the Fly' podcast, sharing tales, tips, and insights from the world of fly fishing. A Growing Legacy: Currently penning his first book, our founder's passion for the outdoors and fly fishing extends beyond the riverbanks, inspiring a new generation of nature enthusiasts. Join Missouri On The Fly for an adventure that goes beyond just fishing – it's an exploration of nature, a lesson in safety and skill, and a testament to the spirit of adventure. Book your trip today and cast your line into the world of unforgettable experiences!


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